My blog, and what it’s all about


A friend of mine said to me “I couldn’t do what you do, booking separate flights, accommodation and travel… I just go to a travel agent and let them do it, as I wouldn’t know where to start!”  This got me thinking, what if there are other people out there who think exactly the same thing?

So with that in mind, I’m writing this blog as a kind of step-by-step guide to tell you how our holidays were booked and how we did things so hopefully it helps anyone who has never travelled before understand the process of booking holidays, and also give a little insight into pitfalls that can happen along the way. I want to take the fear out of travelling for the first time traveller and also to prove that if I can do it, then anyone can!

I know there will be things that we could have done better or things that will make people scratch their heads and think “why?” but we are learning with every trip we take, so if you can suggest better ways of doing things or booking places etc, then please let me know and interact with everyone reading…. You never know what we will learn!

My blog is also about another passion in my life… food. I love food, who doesn’t? I want to share my food experiences with you all and also recipes I discover or create.  I only really started being adventurous with food when I moved in with my fiancé.  I can even remember the first thing I cooked for him, a chicken stir-fry.  Ever since then my culinary skills have improved, along with my confidence to just think “you know what, I’ll give it a whirl”.  Granted, not all things go to plan as in the case of my slow cooker Spanish Chicken dish which ended up looking more like yellow rice pudding than something you would get served anywhere in the Mediterranean.  In fact, it just fell out in one go, kind of like a jelly falling out its mould but minus the wobble.

So, I hope you enjoy my ramblings and find my blogs useful, informative, interesting and fun.  Please feel free to share, like, comment and join in as much as you want, it would be great to hear from you.


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