Where to eat in Barcelona?


We ate at so many different places that it was hard to remember them all.  Here are nearly all of them, not in order of when we visited, but hopefully you will go along to them (okay, maybe not the last one), and let me know what you thought of the food, the people and the atmosphere you experienced.

Gaudí Bakery, Carrer de Sardenya 298.


This place was difficult to locate, mainly because the Marco Polo guide book we had was next to useless, and we thought was it worth the hassle, but I’m so glad we found it in the end. Located on the same road as the South entrance of the Sagrada Familia, we went there for breakfast and they were the best croissants we had on our trip. Their cakes looked amazing and we wish we went back to try one, so if you do, let me know what they are like. I can’t remember the cost, but it was two bottles of water and two croissants.

Fàbrica Moritz, Ronda Sant Antoni 41.


This is a great place. It was just round the corner from the hostel we were staying at (Hostal Centric) and they had a fantastic tasting breakfast. Hostal Centric has arrangements with Fàbrica Moritz where you can get a breakfast sandwich, coffee or tea, orange juice and water which really did set you up for a mornings sightseeing. Great atmosphere and décor plus if you really wanted to, you could get a pint of their beer any time of the day! We also ate here on the first night of our holiday and the food was divine. I had the patates pfaffenhoffe (a tribute to the town’s founder Louis Moritz), a special recipe of baked potatoes made with cream, bacon, cheese and black pepper, which I couldn’t get enough of and my fiancé had a Strasbourg which was a traditional Alsatian pizza, which is very thin, topped with crème fraiche, thin strips of smoked bacon and onion, and his came with sliced artisan sausage on top. They cook them in a wood oven that has been fired from the moment they open in the morning. For desert, I had the carrot cake and my fiancé had the pastis sara, which was an almond cake/bakewell tart… both were stunning. We were served by a lovely woman called Pauline who let us practise our very poor Catalan on her. All that plus two soft drinks came to €32.40. Breakfast was €6.

Els Tres Tombs, Ronda Sant Antoni 2.


This tapas bar was recommended to us by someone at the hostel we were staying at and it was a great find. We went here on our last full day in Barcelona so decided to have a feast… and oh what a feast it was! With traditional tapas you order as and when, so you have a steady stream of food coming, or just order one piece with a drink and move on. We did the opposite and ordered so much that we wondered why our table was being pushed together with another! We had patates braves (fried potatoes with hot sauce), tomato bread, ham croquettes, mini bombs (meatball filled with a hot sauce), potato omelette (Spanish tortilla) and some pork scratchings. There was a group of locals who stared at us but we just chuckled to ourselves. We were very full after all that and it wasn’t expensive either. All that, plus two soft drinks came to €23.10.

Sandwichez, Corner of Rda. de Sant Antoni, 35 (C. de Casanova), and Carrer de Floridablanca, 154.


This is a coffee shop that is all over Barcelona, it’s like a version of Costa or Café Nero but don’t dismiss it… the décor is rustic, the windows poured the light in and the food is very good. I had a chicken sandwich and a tea which was one of the best I’ve had abroad (I’m a Yorkshire Tea drinker), and my fiancé had a cappuccino which he said was nice, and the New Yorker sandwich. I say sandwich, it’s like a panini but packed full of filling. That came to a reasonable €12.20.

Café Doré, Gran Via de Les Corts Catalanes, 576.

This was a little gem. We walked past this place a couple of times before we ventured in, and we were glad we did. The waitress was really friendly and helpful as we fumbled through our order and when the food came, it was superb. We had a bolsa de patatas which we thought were chips, but forgot that chips in the UK and chips abroad mean two different things. Imagine our shock when a big bag of crisps came out! They were delicious and I’ve never had anything like them since. Patatas bravas (spicy potatoes), some ham croquettes, Spanish tortilla, tapa fuet which was a type of salami. For five dishes and two soft drinks, the total was €17.55.

Amatxu Restaurant, Rambla 100.

This tourist trap is located down the popular touristy street, Las Ramblas and please be warned… it is a tourist TRAP! There are so many that you have to be vigilant at the doorways as there are “spotters” who can persuade you in at any point… which happened here. Prices on the board outside are not what you pay once you are inside.

In one respect I’m glad we did go in as we loved their chicken paella but the rest was mediocre food that you could get anywhere. We had tomato bread and garlic bread, and some Iberic ham to start but please note, at €24.90 a plate, Iberic ham is one of the most expensive hams you can get. (I’m still not 100% convinced that was what we had.) You are given NO MENU, you must ask for it, otherwise you’ll have no idea what the prices are until you get the bill. It is a massive tourist trap that you need to avoid, unless you go in with your eyes open. Warning, everything is served on top of paper serviettes next to a little tea light candle… we nearly set the place on fire! I managed to put it out with my fork and managed to stop the table catching fire (they probably do that to charge you more on the bill). All in all including two soft drinks and the food, it came to €51.68.

We of course ate at other places like for example, 365.cafe which we walked past every time we left and returned to the hostel, which had fantastic pastries, and little cafés in side streets which were sublime. Don’t be afraid to go into the markets too, as we had a fantastic fruit smoothie just walking around all the hustle and bustle of the markets. Try Mercado de la Boqueria off Las Ramblas, and right at the end of Las Ramblas, there is a crepe and waffle seller and they were a delight to eat.


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